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Japan:”suicide pacts”

Posted by danzinde on March 10, 2006

…quite often in news about Japan’s suicidal pact,when people make contacts over internet to die together,the issue is highlighted and exaggerated more in media,but even keeping a minimal attention on media’s prejudicial comments there is a necessity to give an insight of the cause for such an event,this issue challenges the ethical meaning of human development limits with pace of science and technologies.

Japan is a country with “long existing eastern” values and “invaded western” values with modern social and economic advances.It is most developed,officially claimed to be the second largest economy in the world and yet socially it is incredibly traditional now the point is how much individual life and freedom of personal expressions is important for the development of a society. My concern is to look for the missing way of life, family values and understanding the devine moral responsibility for each person,as too much freedom of expression and behaviour is a real threat to a societal development,here is one such comment :

” Japan is a western country with a traditional eastern culture. Japan doesn’t know where it sits in the world. Developing at a relatively rapid rate it finds itself betwixt and between two worlds and the young live a life of mixed messages; western individuality and expression of feelings and emotions (to a degree) and traditional community identity, compliance and the non expression (overtly) of feelings of sadness, loss and, some may say, love. Japanese people obviously love each other but there is little physical expression, it seems. Maybe the young want to see the status quo change. It will change, but in the meantime the young may be lost in an east-west void. Suicide could be the only exit from that void”.
David Fisher, Tatsuno, Nagano Japan

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500 hours for making this pic in MS Paint !!!

Posted by danzinde on March 9, 2006

made in MS Paint

made in MS Paint

…this is what claimed by Diamonster

” a drawing that i used mspaint to draw with alittle photophop bluring, it is more than 500 hours work on that one no template eyes work little story about this drawing it was a fews years ago that picture was on a calender i found it out very nice so i decided to draw it but i did’nt know how to use softwares so i used the very basic mspaint to do this is a second drawing that i did this way the first one was reconized by microsoft .”

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Google vs Quaero

Posted by danzinde on March 9, 2006

…A search engine competing Google exclusively developed at France and Germany as Europe’s Quaero Project ,it is an ego hassles and concerns for many Europeans : a political debate on who should lead in the information-market hijacking

I would rather say weather Europe needs its own Search engine,much depends if it is “yet another search engine” or it challenges Google in many of its advance burgeoning features.Yes it makes more sense geographically to retrieve european digital “resources” and deeper data mining algorithms.
but If the idea is only to challenge US hegemony, this would be useless efforts.Information is usefull if it reaches to everyones mind without any access control.Since google is not only operating from US,makes not much significance if Europe has its own Search engine.What is important if a search engine has much advanced features,doesnt matter if US or Europe controls it.
If this leads US to political dominance,offcourse each country has right to develop its own program.search engine meets different needs than Boeing versus Airbus.
Just b’coz of their competition,it would be more funny to search in Google “Quaero” and vice-versa leading to “404-error” or a “low ranked search engine” 🙂

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Mouse Gestures

Posted by danzinde on March 8, 2006

…recognition of mouse movements and trails (mouse gestures) could be an interesting idea to capture users bahavior and enhance mouse based navigation

You can do some experiments to contribute the research on writing plugins for alternative ways of site navigation…you can also play with some of your own gestures…familiarity with MS Paint is the pre-requisite 🙂

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my Eye Tracking Experiment

Posted by danzinde on March 8, 2006

Eye Tracking Lab
originally uploaded by Danish.

…An investigation of perceptual mechanisms in humans,the idea has been to capture my Attention and Fixations over a given set of snaps…here is what Benjamin says who took my experiement:

” In an earlier eye tracking experiment with rhesus macaques, a big increase in the influence of luminance contrast for the monkeys, as compared to most renowned base lines in humans was found. On the other side, spatial contrast was found to be less influential. We would like to compare the monkeys’ fixations to those of other studies conducted at our institute and show the same stimuli to humans in order to enhance the comparison. It has to be observed especially, whether the aforementioned differences are attributable to differences in perception of monkeys and humans or to properties of the stimuli“.

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Flickr Flickr

Posted by danzinde on March 8, 2006

…Just configured my blog to flickr, its a fancy thingy for sharing my snaps

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Way of Life

Posted by danzinde on March 5, 2006

Islam in my perspective is not only a religion,but a complete code of life with high level of moral values and responsibility. To map the modern life we have to see how all the aspects of life matches with Islamic Values.I am specially referring to following:

Islam and Technology

Islam and Art
Islam and Science

here is view of Islam and the West by german ambassador Dr.Murad Hoffmann

A very interesting site for invitation to Islam in German [ Einladung zum Islam ]

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Love Happens !!!

Posted by danzinde on March 5, 2006

..Came across a network of finding love at LoveHappens

the Scruple is that we have to keep our feelings unique for our love else an interesting way to exploiting and sharing a piece from spreading love :).

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DFKI Kaiserslautern

Posted by danzinde on March 5, 2006

…had some nice meeting with people at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Kaiserslautern.nice food at Mensa and nice hospitability by Leo.

…Soon looking forward to work with Leo Sauermann,whose initial impression to me being industrious,intelligent and imaginative,a cool supervisor for my Diplomthesis on NEPOMUK at DFKI Kaiserslautern.

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Hello world!

Posted by danzinde on March 5, 2006

Welcome to my Blog ,finally i also dived into the idea of semantic web,the evolving imagination pattern in our Brain with the course of time has to be captured and shared,as we have made Computers as best friend to store ,process and retrieve our thoughts.

Information is a valuable resource,from abstraction to specification,work has to be done to research and reintegrate them for enriching the world with more useful knowledge.

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