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Custom search for my delicious bookmark

Posted by danzinde on August 8, 2008

…probably many of you know the yahoo’s social bookmarking site del.icio.us is now re-designed in its look and feel. del.icio.us is now moved to standard url delicious.com

But when I read Delicious 2.0 Who bookmarks any more I just wondered as we are so much addicted to revert to google for search, how useful it would be to customize Google search on my delicious bookmarks.

It took me just a few minutes to quickly setup google custom search of my delicious bookmark.

The steps i followed is rather simple even my mom would claim no difficulty. (well i ‘ve made her computer savvy 😉 )

  1. Exported delicious bookmark saved  it to my desktop (an html)
  2. Composed an email to post[at]posterous.com from my gmail
  3. Send email with delicious bookmark (html file) as attachment
  4. In an eye blick i got email back from Postereous with one link to my delicious bookmark
  5. Used this link in google custom search using their wizard

Cheers!!!!… here is the result


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Bella Italia

Posted by danzinde on August 5, 2008

…two days off from work and a lifelong lasting experience to cherish… It was truly an awesome trip to the northern Alps (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province) in Italy. Blogging is the least i could express the beauty i have seen in the mountains, valleys, lakes and most important the Italian hospitality. Me and Tim started our train journey from Aachen (Germany) to Domodossola (Italy), we were so excited that the journey of 8 hours to destination with 3 DB changes and the maximum speed of 303 km/hr in ICE, passed just in the discussion of our expectations. At domodossola we received a warm welcome from the dear friend Agnese and her cute sis Ariana (Ari), giving us the little gift packs of welcome. The rest of impression was too good to express as we already started talking with the mix and re-mix of German, Dutch, Hindi, English and Italian. We all bumped into the car (although I had some prejudices against the italian driving, as i believed that rest of the europe people drive on right or left side of road, italians go in the middle :), still i was not too afraid given my experience of Indian driving ;). Driving through the beautiful valleys of Antigorio we reached Cravegnia, where we took Mariana (Mari) another best friend of Agnese and drove directly to Formazza waterfall. Although it started to rain, the view gave us silent awwwwwwww. At Formazza we had real Italian Cappuccino, a sip of it would already made you feel it is no ordinary. Later, we arrived Croveo a small little village in the valley where Agnese lives with her Grandma. Then the family experiences started, we dropped in our bags, and headed towards another village to Agnese parents uphill (they call it summer house, since it is not possible to live there in winter, cold and several meters high snow being the reasons). We were treated with Lazania for dinner, another taste which is speically associated with Italian recipe… too good. The next morning we left for Alpe Devero, one of the valleys in the vicinity. We took ice-cream, and followed the trail as lead by Ari, our cute little guide ;). The walk was under the bright sun which regulated itself at 26 C… rest was the journey one would imagine with the mouth open and motionless tounge just enjoying the view :).

Well said: pictures speak louder than words…

Bella Italia

Thanks to our dear Agnese and even more to bella Ari and Mari, you all simply rock 🙂 Grazie!!

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