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PIM Workshop 2008 Florence, Italy

Posted by danzinde on August 8, 2007

PIM workshop is now going to be held in EU continent 🙂 (April 5-6, 2008, Florence, Italy), it’s a great opportunity for those concerned with basic and state-of-the-art research in PIM. A little known research area in past couple of years, now maturing to be a scientific discipline. Since the phase of my Master’s Thesis (see previous post), I always wondered for such an event to be held in Europe like the one held in Seattle last year.

Personal information management (PIM) is the practice and study of the activities people perform to acquire, organize, maintain, and retrieve information for everyday use. PIM is a growing area of interest as we all strive for better use of our limited personal resources of time, money, and energy, as well as greater workplace efficiency and productivity. Good research on the topic is being done in several disciplines, including human-computer interaction, database management, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence. This two-day workshop will continue momentum towards building a community of researchers doing PIM-related research. See workshop page

This is specially a chance for Semantic Desktop researchers to get collaborated. I would suggest why not we plan a tutorial session of the experiences of Semantic Desktop Hack with the PIM workshop. This would bring some serious insights of PIM research results in view of fast and exciting happenings in Semantic Web applications area.

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