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my Eye Tracking Experiment

Posted by danzinde on March 8, 2006

Eye Tracking Lab
originally uploaded by Danish.

…An investigation of perceptual mechanisms in humans,the idea has been to capture my Attention and Fixations over a given set of snaps…here is what Benjamin says who took my experiement:

” In an earlier eye tracking experiment with rhesus macaques, a big increase in the influence of luminance contrast for the monkeys, as compared to most renowned base lines in humans was found. On the other side, spatial contrast was found to be less influential. We would like to compare the monkeys’ fixations to those of other studies conducted at our institute and show the same stimuli to humans in order to enhance the comparison. It has to be observed especially, whether the aforementioned differences are attributable to differences in perception of monkeys and humans or to properties of the stimuli“.


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