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FIFA WM 2006 City Kaiserslautern

Posted by danzinde on June 29, 2006

…so finally days are over with all five games played in Kaiserslautern, it brought much fun and the city witnessed thousands of international fans who poured in here.But hold on thats not the end, the heat of german football fever is not over yet.just keep the finger crossed for the Weltmesiterschaft (world champion).


Some of the best impressions from [Kaiserslautern] (K-town) during the respective matches played here.

All Pictures

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Future Screen

Posted by danzinde on June 22, 2006

…with the [Multi-Touch Interaction Research], future sensing devices would be able to support multiple users simultaneously on Interactive Walls or Tabletops…have a look at a cool video.

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Robocup 2006 at Bremen…Osnabrück Brainstormers Win

Posted by danzinde on June 20, 2006

…for those who are enjoying football fever there is no end to it with another [ROBOcup 2006] being held at Bremen,

[BBC news] report says….The 10th annual RoboCup in Bremen, had more than 400 teams of robots dribbling, tackling and shooting in an effort to become world champions.Machines compete in 11 leagues including those designed for humanoid and four-legged robots.

The organisers of the tournament hope that in 2050 the winners of the RoboCup will be able to beat the human World Cup champions."RoboCup 2006 is the first step towards a vision," said Minoru Asada, president of the RoboCup Federation.

"This vision includes the development of a humanoid robot team of eleven players, which can win against a human soccer world champion team."

Germany. Interestingly, my University team from Osnabrueck [Brainstormers Tribots] participated in the mid-size league has won the first position in robocup )), here are performance [results]. and here are the [Winners]

Download Tribot's earlier performance at Netherlands [here]. Watch a [TV report].
For technical details and to know how the robot is programmed [look here]

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Creativity Support Tools: A Grand Challenge

Posted by danzinde on June 19, 2006

… I have just been to a talk given by [Prof.Ben Schneiderman] here at [DFKI] on the issues of Creativity needed in comtemporary software tools, so far Software has been a productivity support tools, he emphasized on embedding improved usability and creativity within the software.The terms he used for developing Software supporting Creativity features should have

less Threshold (easy to use or start with )

high Ceiling ( Should have much support for Creativity in terms of usabilty and visualizations)

wide Wall ( wide applicability of domains and support for domain experts)

Evaluation of Creative research tools are difficult, he comments "controlled studies are inappropriate and brief case studies are not adequate". A proposal for Multi-dimensional In-depth Long-term Case-studies (MILC) is suggested.

Overall his talk gave a thought provoking impressions with big picture and a vision for Creativity research methods needed for future Software tools.

his talk slides [here]

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…Football fever in Kaiserslautern

Posted by danzinde on June 16, 2006

Out of the 5 matches to be held in Kaiserslautern, 12 june Kaiserslautern got its first game of the WM (german name of world cup – Weltmeisterschaft = world-championship), The game was between Australia and Japan. Aussies[socceroos] made 3:1 win over [Nippon]. Swarms of fans flooded the city that day literally blocking the pedestrian pathways of city center.Ozzy..had their best celebrations with street dance and spilling beer.[read more at Yasir’s blog].Tomorrow we are expecting much thrill in Kaiserslautern with USA against Italy.


Some of the best impressions from Kaiserslautern !!!


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events in Kaiserslautern during Football World Cup

Posted by danzinde on June 11, 2006

…seems like the city is busy for a whole month of festival during the football World cup.So common to see street shows, concerts and offcourse fan fest public viewing area (PVA), extravagantly money flowing and people pouring in, it's a worth visiting place if you are in any of the German sleep cities :-).
[short video]                                                               [more pictures]

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exploring brain with BrainVoyager

Posted by danzinde on June 8, 2006

[BrainVoyager] Brain Tutor is an educational program that teaches knowledge about the human brain the easy way,it provides Tutorial to understand brain anatomy and functions. The program lets you interactively explore high-quality 3D head and brain models, which can be rotated, moved and zoomed in real-time. BrainVoyager Brain Tutor runs on all major computer platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.you can download [here]

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…indian food at DFKI

Posted by danzinde on June 6, 2006

…lunch at [DFKI] with indian recipes, it is worth mentioning here, it took 3 days in planning, a day long preparations, 2 hours of shopping and 5 hours of cooking…

karhaigosht.JPGBild 007.jpgBild 006.jpgBild 015.jpgBild 004.jpgBild 003.jpgBild 009.jpgBild 005.jpgBild 018.jpgBild 017.jpgBild 016.jpgBild 011.jpgBild 012.jpgBild 001.jpgfood.JPG

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