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E-Learning 2.0: the emerging concept

Posted by danzinde on June 28, 2007

The use of internet has revolutionized over a decade with the new trends of social networking, blogging and realizations of semantic web vision. By putting all these together we say web is now changing to Web 2.0. As the web grows to Web 2.0, so does my curiosity in Learning Technology, I wondered how this influences the learning behavior of people, who are getting more self organized, socially dynamic and active participants in web revolution both technically and socially.  I started looking for current trends in e-learning in the tag-cloud of web 2.0, and happen to find an interesting talk-slide about the emerging concept of E-Learning 2.0 by Stephen Downes. Read his concise and well written article [here] from eLearn Magazine.


see below his complete talk slides, truly focusing on the future trends of e-learning.

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bei Universität des Saarlandes als Zweithörer

Posted by danzinde on June 9, 2007

mehr als DFKI mitarbeiter, zur Zeit habe ich auch bei Universität des Saarlandes angemeldet. In Deutschland, koennen die Studenten von anderer Hochschulen als Zweithörer zum Besuch von Lehrveranstaltungen für das Studium eines weiteren Studienganges anmelden.

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The presence of future : surface computing

Posted by danzinde on June 6, 2007

Five years in top secretive making, the Surface Computer is a tabletop system that allows users to interact with digital media in some truly remarkable ways.  Microsoft reveals the surface computers

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