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Google vs Quaero

Posted by danzinde on March 9, 2006

…A search engine competing Google exclusively developed at France and Germany as Europe’s Quaero Project ,it is an ego hassles and concerns for many Europeans : a political debate on who should lead in the information-market hijacking

I would rather say weather Europe needs its own Search engine,much depends if it is “yet another search engine” or it challenges Google in many of its advance burgeoning features.Yes it makes more sense geographically to retrieve european digital “resources” and deeper data mining algorithms.
but If the idea is only to challenge US hegemony, this would be useless efforts.Information is usefull if it reaches to everyones mind without any access control.Since google is not only operating from US,makes not much significance if Europe has its own Search engine.What is important if a search engine has much advanced features,doesnt matter if US or Europe controls it.
If this leads US to political dominance,offcourse each country has right to develop its own program.search engine meets different needs than Boeing versus Airbus.
Just b’coz of their competition,it would be more funny to search in Google “Quaero” and vice-versa leading to “404-error” or a “low ranked search engine” 🙂


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