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Japan:”suicide pacts”

Posted by danzinde on March 10, 2006

…quite often in news about Japan’s suicidal pact,when people make contacts over internet to die together,the issue is highlighted and exaggerated more in media,but even keeping a minimal attention on media’s prejudicial comments there is a necessity to give an insight of the cause for such an event,this issue challenges the ethical meaning of human development limits with pace of science and technologies.

Japan is a country with “long existing eastern” values and “invaded western” values with modern social and economic advances.It is most developed,officially claimed to be the second largest economy in the world and yet socially it is incredibly traditional now the point is how much individual life and freedom of personal expressions is important for the development of a society. My concern is to look for the missing way of life, family values and understanding the devine moral responsibility for each person,as too much freedom of expression and behaviour is a real threat to a societal development,here is one such comment :

” Japan is a western country with a traditional eastern culture. Japan doesn’t know where it sits in the world. Developing at a relatively rapid rate it finds itself betwixt and between two worlds and the young live a life of mixed messages; western individuality and expression of feelings and emotions (to a degree) and traditional community identity, compliance and the non expression (overtly) of feelings of sadness, loss and, some may say, love. Japanese people obviously love each other but there is little physical expression, it seems. Maybe the young want to see the status quo change. It will change, but in the meantime the young may be lost in an east-west void. Suicide could be the only exit from that void”.
David Fisher, Tatsuno, Nagano Japan


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