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Search your metadata with Yahoo! Microsearch

Posted by danzinde on March 31, 2008

Did you ever wonder how much information is hidden about you on the web, try Microsearch by Yahoo! One of the latest release by Peter Mika at Yahoo research Spain. The idea is:

…instead of hiding metadata, brings it to the front, thereby showing the user just how much metadata is out there for any given query.

Interesting enough, I am going to attend one of his talk : Exploiting explicit and implicit semantics on the web on 9th April. Stay tuned for updates of my knowledge gained from his talk.

Btw here is my microsearch result

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being in world wide web!!!

Posted by danzinde on March 26, 2008

We are really now living in World wide web, goodbye dear Earth 😉


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Say NO to Illegal US detentions!

Posted by danzinde on March 26, 2008

A friend of mine invites me to sign the petition against illegal US detentions of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.  Myself giving high value to human rights I definetly did so. Here is your chance too. Lets [Tear it Down]

Amenesty international is leading a project to counter terror with justice . If you still ask Why should we care?

some facts to be known:

  • Because lasting security and real justice for the victims of terrorism cannot be achieved without real justice and respect for human rights.
  • Because those illegally detained in US custody at Guantánamo and elsewhere must be released unless they are to be charged with recognized crimes.
  • Because those held at Guantánamo and elsewhere, including in secret detention centres, are human beings who haven’t seen their homes or families for years and have faced torture and other ill-treatment.
  • Because indefinite and secret detentions are a blight on human rights and are against international law.
  • Because each day that illegal detention at Guantánamo and elsewhere continues is a day too long.

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Drop Box

Posted by danzinde on March 19, 2008

Drop.io allows you to drop files, notes, voice in your drop box. A useful service to drop your things or ask someone to drop things and pickup or ask someone to pickup. You/anyone can add your files, notes, voice, photos etc. using the email, phone and web. small [demo]

A private place for exchanging photos, video, audio, notes, docs, and more. Each is accessible only to those whom you tell exactly where to look. No signup and no account.

Add to each drop via:

  • the web (drop.io/thedropname)
  • email (thedropname@drop.io)
  • phone (646-XXX-XXXX ext. XXXXX)

useful for:

  • privately sharing pictures & video
  • transferring files to yourself
  • sharing documents with co-workers
  • creating ‘instant’ collaboration space
  • posting your resume privately

[see more]

if you want to drop me some files, photos, vidoes, links just do it : My Drop Box

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Happybirthday my Blog

Posted by danzinde on March 12, 2008

my “bloggie” is now 2 years old. naming just to cutify my “blog” :o). I guardianed and nourished it carefully for a while and now i am slowly realizing that my own blog is becoming a way to reflect myself (my interests, my knowledge, my work, my impressions, my social connections and to some extent my personal competence). After making the claim as a [hardblogging scientist], i took efforts to sincerely reflect my web presence and give insight of my work experiences. Over the time i feel my blog has emerged (1) the way it looks to you and myself; a centralized view of my different associations (2) the way it is internally structured for my own view; a mental map. For example, there are many blog drafts unpublished, there are many bookmarks, pictures, knowledge and experience which are unshared, but still useful for me, this way i preserve the right to present myself. I perceive now that after email, blog has eventually become a “contextualised mirror of my mind“, which means it reflects how things in (real-world) have associated in my mind over the time of 2 years in a given context(work, travel, associations and impresssions) and ofcourse my social connections. What is interesting to know now is, does my blog help me to “learn” and make me self-organised?. Atleast, i am making effort to enrich it extensively with features and consequently it would become a “home” for me where i would keep all “bits” of my digital presence which flows in the “veins” of web. I envision a day would eventually come when i would ask my “bloggie” to serve me with my(“learning goal”, “journey itinerary, “traces of globetrotting”, “interests”, “associations”, “materialistic necessity”, “spiritual quest”, and what not…). All at one place, anytime and always immortal. Do you agree to me ?

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