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I join HBS

Posted by danzinde on May 30, 2006

…being at [dfki] a while and working with active people, I adhere and I claim I am a hard bloggin’ scientist , Though I feel the manifesto is necessary but not sufficient to be a Scientist, since I believe not only in knowledge but also in wisdom, but the spread-of-word is interesting -)hardbloggin_big.gif

Manifest V0.1
This means in particular:

1. I believe that science is about freedom of speech.
2. I can identify myself with the science I do.
3. I am able to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the public.
4. I use a blog as a research tool. That means in particular, that I

– express my thoughts,
– get in contact with others,
– have a sketch of my process online,
– get feedback and new ideas from others.

5. I trust myself.
6. I surf a lot and I read a lot.
7. I blog once in a day/week/month.
8. I give comments once in a day/week/month on other blogs.
9. I am self-aware and critical.
10. I refer to the people who done the work first.
11. I give love and respect to the people.


One Response to “I join HBS”

  1. […] my social connections and to some extent my personal competence). After making the claim as a [hardblogging scientist],  i took efforts to sincerely reflect my web presence and give insight of my work experiences. […]

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