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Say NO to Illegal US detentions!

Posted by danzinde on March 26, 2008

A friend of mine invites me to sign the petition against illegal US detentions of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.  Myself giving high value to human rights I definetly did so. Here is your chance too. Lets [Tear it Down]

Amenesty international is leading a project to counter terror with justice . If you still ask Why should we care?

some facts to be known:

  • Because lasting security and real justice for the victims of terrorism cannot be achieved without real justice and respect for human rights.
  • Because those illegally detained in US custody at Guantánamo and elsewhere must be released unless they are to be charged with recognized crimes.
  • Because those held at Guantánamo and elsewhere, including in secret detention centres, are human beings who haven’t seen their homes or families for years and have faced torture and other ill-treatment.
  • Because indefinite and secret detentions are a blight on human rights and are against international law.
  • Because each day that illegal detention at Guantánamo and elsewhere continues is a day too long.

One Response to “Say NO to Illegal US detentions!”

  1. Dixi... said

    Counter terror with justice: say no to illegal US detentions! (Amnesty International Campaign)…

    (version francaise ci-dessous)

    As some of you may know, I’m a long-time member of Amnesty International, and regularly participate to their campaigns – againgst arm trade, violence against women, inhumane immigration policies, etc. I would like to dr…

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