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back from Zürich

Posted by danzinde on September 26, 2007

…had a short but very exhilarating time in the Swiss city Zürich. One good reason was obvious sun and warm weather. I assumed going from Germany would make my experience a bit more easier in terms of language, indeed it was, nevertheless swis-german has a typical accent. Since language is my curiosity so was my active observations there, it was bit surprising to hear “dreee saaachsich” when i had to pay for a special swiss chocolate 3.60 €. My response was slow but my comprehension was better :o). Just a short tip for those who want to plan ahead: Zürich is expensive if you are used to Euros you would find Swiss Francs (CHF) would seduce you, because you believe for each 10 CHF note you pay approx. 6 Euros. (saving tip: avoid women to be with you 😉

Lake side view at Bürkliplatz is 10 min. walking distance from Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) which is even better if you make a boat trip, if you need a bird eye of the city take a train to Uetliberg, S-Bahn goes twice an hour from Hauptbahnhof.

Using “Zürich card” worth 17 CHF (11 €) would be worth buying, valid for 24 hours and allows access to all transports (bus,train,tram and boat) in Zürich plus several Museums. Google would tell you more what it includes n’ where to get it.

Do not forget visiting Chocolate shop at Bahnhofstrasse, being a chocoholic myself 😉 it is my personal recommendation. You will find much more choice than the grand old Toblerone

Some impressions here:


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