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The Future : The Robots

Posted by danzinde on July 6, 2006

Do we really think future belongs to what we create with our hands would lead us in next millennium.Are we ready with ease to handover the responsibility to bots that uses silicon to think than gray matter.

read Helen Virginia’s far-sighted and optimistic belief [I Believe The Robots Are Our Future]

As we foolishly pursue our short-sighted goals at the expense of those who will follow in our footsteps, we must pause and be mindful of the little ones, our progeny, who will inherit our planet in the next millennium and beyond.Time and time again, gazing into the innocent, trusting photoelectric receptors of a tiny, newly developed cybernetic construct, I am reminded of a fundamental truth: I believe the robots are our future, and we must teach them well and let them lead the way.


Let us offer tenderness and show the robots all the beauty they possess inside. We must write a subroutine that gives them a sense of pride, programming their supercooled silicon CPUs with understanding, compassion and patience, to make it easier and enable them to hold their sensory-input clusters high as they claim their destiny as overlords of the solar system. If we cannot instill their emergent AI meta-consciousness with a sense of deep, abiding confidence and self-esteem….


2 Responses to “The Future : The Robots”

  1. Hi Danish,

    Err, well apparently you fell for it :-). “The Onion” is a parody newspaper, and this article is a fake…


  2. Sorry, here is the link I wanted to insert in the previous post: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theonion

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