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Robocup 2006 at Bremen…Osnabrück Brainstormers Win

Posted by danzinde on June 20, 2006

…for those who are enjoying football fever there is no end to it with another [ROBOcup 2006] being held at Bremen,

[BBC news] report says….The 10th annual RoboCup in Bremen, had more than 400 teams of robots dribbling, tackling and shooting in an effort to become world champions.Machines compete in 11 leagues including those designed for humanoid and four-legged robots.

The organisers of the tournament hope that in 2050 the winners of the RoboCup will be able to beat the human World Cup champions."RoboCup 2006 is the first step towards a vision," said Minoru Asada, president of the RoboCup Federation.

"This vision includes the development of a humanoid robot team of eleven players, which can win against a human soccer world champion team."

Germany. Interestingly, my University team from Osnabrueck [Brainstormers Tribots] participated in the mid-size league has won the first position in robocup )), here are performance [results]. and here are the [Winners]

Download Tribot's earlier performance at Netherlands [here]. Watch a [TV report].
For technical details and to know how the robot is programmed [look here]


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