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Creativity Support Tools: A Grand Challenge

Posted by danzinde on June 19, 2006

… I have just been to a talk given by [Prof.Ben Schneiderman] here at [DFKI] on the issues of Creativity needed in comtemporary software tools, so far Software has been a productivity support tools, he emphasized on embedding improved usability and creativity within the software.The terms he used for developing Software supporting Creativity features should have

less Threshold (easy to use or start with )

high Ceiling ( Should have much support for Creativity in terms of usabilty and visualizations)

wide Wall ( wide applicability of domains and support for domain experts)

Evaluation of Creative research tools are difficult, he comments "controlled studies are inappropriate and brief case studies are not adequate". A proposal for Multi-dimensional In-depth Long-term Case-studies (MILC) is suggested.

Overall his talk gave a thought provoking impressions with big picture and a vision for Creativity research methods needed for future Software tools.

his talk slides [here]


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