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…indian food at DFKI

Posted by danzinde on June 6, 2006

…lunch at [DFKI] with indian recipes, it is worth mentioning here, it took 3 days in planning, a day long preparations, 2 hours of shopping and 5 hours of cooking…

karhaigosht.JPGBild 007.jpgBild 006.jpgBild 015.jpgBild 004.jpgBild 003.jpgBild 009.jpgBild 005.jpgBild 018.jpgBild 017.jpgBild 016.jpgBild 011.jpgBild 012.jpgBild 001.jpgfood.JPG


One Response to “…indian food at DFKI”

  1. Yasir said

    Asif (a pakistani (bachelor)) gave this party to his colleagues in DFKI and made us work the preceeding day well into the night. But all our efforts brought color when we saw them eating. First we introduced roti/chapati (bread) to the guests as a planned strategy. They were told to eat it with hands. Some of us sat with them to demonstrate how to eat with hand. They observed us and then made many funny moves while trying. We introduced the rice only after everybody had tried the bread with hand. For rice, they started getting spoons. I announced at that time that most of us eat rice with hands as well, so they may wanna try that. Some of them dared and succeeded. The two kids in the party had rice and “Karri” all over their mouths. They all enjoyed the food and took the remaining to their homes.

    (at this point i am thinking: is it legal to write a blog in somebody’s blog’s comments?)

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