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The end of Science

Posted by danzinde on May 25, 2006

End of Science by John Horgan…Today, science is the vital principle of our civilization. Putting light on the faith of [Enlightenment] and the Ideas of John Horgan, american science journialist of Scientific American during 1886-1997, limits the growth of science to a desperate end.

John Wheeler emphasized science has mysteries left to explain.

“We still live in the childhood of mankind”

“All these horizons are beginning to light up in our day: molecular biology, DNA, cosmology.We’re just children looking for answers.”

“As the island of our knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.”

here is Wheeler’s [comment] on Cosmic Serach

Wheeler’s own ideas suggest that a final theory will always be a mirage, that the “truth is in some sense imagined rather than objectively apprehended”.

Though his theory “I do take 100 percent seriously the idea that the world is a figment of the imagination,” did not convince the answer for Where was mind when the universe was born? And what sustained the universe for the billions of years before we came to be?

But nevertheless he left some chilling paradox : at the heart of everything is a question, not an answer. When we peer down into the deepest recesses of matter or at the farthest edge of the universe, we see, finally, our own puzzled faces looking back at us. 🙂

…read the [whole story] of Wheeler’s so called theory “the it from bit”.


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