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WSPI 2006 dfki Saarbruecken

Posted by danzinde on May 4, 2006

…for two days I received many food for thoughts and also for belly:), I was in WSPI ’06 workshop at DFKI Saarbrücken

I had a nice time spent meeting people and talking on different issues and challenges in Information era,from services to Science,the idea was to pack together Philosophers and Computer Scientists in Alan Turing room at dfki saarbrücken and see who convinces whom. The debate was heated but never led to conclusion, at least many of interesting ideas emerged …

some smart words from Barry Smith I specially like to jot down, at times he was too explicit that he never hesitated to say the Computer Scientists as “teenagers“, interestingly funny.

But he made the room to ponder on many coherent ideas and science of system (be it formal or non-formal)

some of Barry’s words :

” Semantic Web missing to raise the Standard of Ontology”

” High quality shared Ontologies build Communities”

” Instances are not represented in Scientific Ontology, Why ? …. notion of instances is different in Ontology than the notion of instances in programming languages”

” Human brain is highly flexible but computers are not”

my point in conclusion would be that No thinking, No Consciousness are involved in Computers it’s only a play of words and a hype from Sci-Fi.

Computers are only helpful machines,which should be intelligently designed to be usable and that behaves according to the user’s demand.

some pictures from the Workshop Event

Barry (left) convincing Dieter (from DERI) on ScienceIngvar and Barry sorting food for LunchBertin Klein from DFKI Kaiserslautern compering the EventScientific Role of Computer Science in 21 Century

Short Video


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