\”The Components of my Thoughts and Experiences in my Life\”

…at Gnowsis : Semantic Desktop Hack Workshop 2006,DFKI Kaiserslautern

Posted by danzinde on April 21, 2006

…As planned, today i was among SemDesk Hackers for Gnowsis [A desktop application based on RDF to view the hype of Semantic Web Technologies on Personal Computers : A tool to better organise your personal resources on desktop computers].

nice time to meet smart peoples who are quite eager to smoke Semantic Desktop and encourage others to get addicted in Gnowsis 🙂

starting with Leo's talk on Introducing the Gnowsis, Dominik Heim followed and gave a cool demo of Semantic Wiki enhancements in Gnowsis 0.9 (beta)[download],food at Mensa was well served on chip card.

…Semantic Desktop idea is based on visualizing your organisation of work, categorising your thoughts in personalised ontology and making you smart in work efficiency

…here is my philosophy to support semantic Desktop idea,

  • basically we as human,are both social and individual in different contexts,wouldn't it be nice to know about ourself [metacognition] and evolve from experiences of our behaviour in different contexts,the more i know about myself the better i organise myself,what if this is realised in Gnowsis: whose idea is to provide a better platform for personalised Ontology right on your desktop.
  • my way of learning and memorizing a new concept is through association and collaboration,the more i associate myself the better i organise myself,does it work the same for you ? if yes,then get addicted to personal organisation,visualize your mental model,know your social and personal contexts,make your Personalised IM Ontology and be smart :Gnowsis keeps this vision.
  • my ideas are a bit exaggerated but not impractical "Usability increases metacognition" and "metacognition makes you more intelligent"

…this world needs smart people atleast for Godly reasons 🙂

..so wait we are not finished yet ,two more days to work together,sharing ideas and hack together to make things work together

Pictures here


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